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Our Wholesale staff are ready and waiting for your orders.
We can accommodate large and small orders. Everyone is important to us. Weather your company purchase by the box
or by the pallet, we will always do our best to accommodate
you. We can ship UPS, FOB and also by air. Give us a call or
e-mail at sales@pulaskimeats.com and let us know how we
can help you.

Kielbasa is a very special smoked sausage, especially when it is a Pulaski Kielbasa. Made with the finest ingredients and seasonings and smoked to perfection. It is a prepared meal ready to go. It is sold ready to eat, or just heat and serve. Now you can't get any faster than that. We have a large range of Kielbasa that are sure to suit your tast.

A Pulaski Ham is a wonderful thing. Our hams come in many different types, They are made especially by hand by our butchers with care and experience. Each type holding a special process: with specific seasonings. All are cured and tumbled for hours then smoked to perfection in our smokehouses with cherry and hickory wood.
Pulaski Bacon and Loins are full of flavour from our smokehouse.
Seasoned perfectly with a savoury sweet flavour and aroma that is unlike the competition.
Our Franks and Knoxs are prepared in the traditional fashion using only the finest cuts of meats without any fillers. A delicate seasoning will remind you of being in Europe.
Pulaski Meat Products Inc
123 North Wood Avenue
Linden | New Jersey | 07036

Tel: 908 925 5380
Web: www.pulaskimeats.com
Pulaski luncheon meats are a wonderful addition to any showcase. We have many varieties that are different from the every day deli meats you are used to.
Our coldcuts have a delicious flavour made with care and experience.
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