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Our History

Pulaski Meat Products, Co. Inc., is a USDA inspected meat processing plant that began in 1963 with a young couple named Else and Alfred that just emigrated from Europe. Like so many immigrants of that time, they too dreamed of coming to America to begin their lives together. Coming with their suitcases and their dreams there was something else they brought with them. They brought their traditions, values, and most of all the recipes of the old world to the new. Armed with the desire to succeed and become American, they never lost sight of who they were and where they were born. To this day we are eternally grateful every time we gather with family and friends to enjoy the fruits of their labor that grace our humble tables.

Pulaski prides itself on manufacturing eastern European style products carefully by hand and by experienced butchers who also emigrated from Europe. With the know how to make the products the way it was made for generations by butchers before. Alfred, being a Meister Brief (Master Butcher) in Europe acquired his Master Brief over a long period of practice and apprenticeship before coming to America. With his experience he has created products that make the common man feel like a king. What you can expect when you enter our store is to be transported back to another time. First you will be bombarded with an overwhelming aroma of our smoked meats….Lucky you! Then our courteous staff that are there to help you will greet you. Try out your Polish, or tryout your English have fun shopping in our beautifully decorated European market. Our shelves are full of specialities that will bring you back to your childhood. Come for your daily meals or come for the holiday specialities that are so abundant. We know once you experience Pulaski you will always come back for more. Some of our specialities are our Hams, Kielbasies, Cold Cut, Sausages, Pierogies, Stuffed Cabbage, Babkas, Rye Breads, Paczis, Churskis, imported chocolates, cookies, teas, jams, pickles, butters and so much more.

Keep the traditions alive or make new ones with Pulaski Meat Products. It is a very endearing place to bring the whole family, you won’t be disappointed.

All our products are smoked and cooked in house at our USDA facility in Linden, New Jersey

We also offer co-packing and private label capabilities with our smoked products.